Discussion on covering public issues in the media

SoMaSHTe discussion with senior journalists

Dhaka, 27 September 2016: A discussion session on Role of Media in Responding to Public Issues was held today at Oxfam office in Dhaka.

A total of 15 senior journalists from print and electronic media outlets participated in the discussion.

With the support from Oxfam, SoMaSHTe organized the discussion to make a bridge with the media encouraging them to respond quickly to public issues. The event also sought ideas and recommendations from the senior journalists to create more rooms of such issues in the media.

SoMaSHTe discussion with senior journalists

The open discussion also tried to find out the strategy to effectively attract the media to cover a particular issue. The discussants also pointed out some ways to make an event more attractive and got the media attention.

Ajoy Dasgupta, Pranab Saha, Shuchi Syed, Zahid Newaz Khan, Reaz Ahmad, Syed Ishtiaque Reza, Mustafiz Shafi,  Mir Mostafizur Rahman, Golam Shahnee  were among the discussants. Monisha Biswas from Oxfam and Mir Masrur Zaman of SoMaSHTe also among the discussants.