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Internet Safety and Security Literacy for School Children

While the internet is beneficial for a rapidly growing number of users in Bangladesh, it poses threats of cybercrime. The project will work to reduce the internet-induced vulnerability of school children.

Promoting Freedom of Expression

This project works with media professionals, online content creators and other stakeholders to increase the flow of quality contents on human rights in the media and online.

Strengthening the Capacity of Local Media and Young Citizen Journalists for Preventing Violent Extremism

This project exclusively worked with local media in Bogura and Rangpur, built their capacity to address extremism, and linked citizen journalists to the local media.

Resource Book on  PVE Journalism

To assist the journalists to produce global standard stories on preventing violent extremism (PVE), a resource book was developed under this project.

Youth Engagement on Preventing Violent Extremism through Social Media

This project employed social media as vehicles for alternative narratives against extremist views that are particularly channelized through social media.

Journalism for Preventing Violent Extremism

The project built journalists’ skills to investigate and report on violent extremism and its drivers in order to improve audiences’ understanding and awareness on the issue.

Developing Disaster Focused Call-in Shows for Community Radios

A comprehensive guideline for running disaster-focused live radio shows was developed for community radios and broadcasted pilot radio programmes.

Developing Communication Strategy for the ASTHA Project

The existing communication strategy was revised and developed a more effective communication strategy for the Swisscontact’s ASTHA project.

This project engaged media to advocate for women farmers’ rights and recognition.

By involving the media sector, the project worked to improve agriculture information market system.

Training to Journalists on Human Rights Issues

Mass media holds a powerful role in human rights communication, through training and workshops, this project strengthened the roles of journalists to defend human rights.

Media Toolkit on Climate Financing

A toolkit was developed for media professionals highlighting different issues of climate change, priorities, financing and practice.

Research on Television Agricultural Programmes

The research investigated TV agriculture programmes to strengthen the way to provide more farmer-friendly contents.

Media Advocacy to Contribute to Pro-Poor Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in Bangladesh

The project worked with media to in monitoring climate funding and impacts and adaptation requirements of the communities.

Training for Journalists on Upazila Parishad Budget Reporting

With capacity building initiatives, this project worked with journalists and engaged them in monitoring of public funds of local government.

Conduct Baseline Survey on Tuberculosis and Social Communication

A baseline survey was conducted to measure people knowledge, attitude and practice towards tuberculosis, and using the survey result, a social communication strategy was developed.

SoMaSHTe is continuing to operate during this worldwide health emergency.
Since October 1, 2020, we have resumed our in-person office. We still prefer the option of virtual events and meetings. Thank you and stay safe.

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