Information Channels Development through Media Initiatives

Project Brief

Firstly the project worked with private TV channels and academic institutions to enhance farming information system trough media. Within the dynamic flow of agricultural information system, TV contents on agriculture are significant sources of information for the farmers. However, TV programs are not able to provide a useful information basket to the farmers mainly due to capacity and motivational constraints.

The interventions were carried out to create broader opportunities for private TV channels’ agricultural programs so that they can effectively provide information demanded by the farmers in a sustained way. The intervention helped to increase the quantity and quality of agricultural news and programs coverage enhancing farmers access to practical information using which they can increase agricultural productivity.

On the other hand, universities offering courses on journalism are the key human resource providers to the media industry. However, mainstream media do not have adequate number of technically ready resources for quality agriculture news and programs as institutional journalism courses do not have any room for agriculture.

The intervention attempted to include agriculture journalism courses in a university department focusing on that the course will run on a continuing and sustainable basis, providing students with the knowledge necessary to cover the agricultural industry in an effective manner.


  • The ability of selected television channels are strengthened for comprehending the information demand of the farmers and then plan, produce and broadcast programs and news accordingly in a sustained way.
  • Improving the knowledge and skills on agriculture reporting and program production for future journalists.

Major Activities

  • Roundtable with the key players around the media industry and academic/training institutes.
  • Built partnership with four TV channels.
  • Developed and delivered training of trainers (ToT) to  program team and news team.
  • Organized interactive events between the TV program team and farmers and local business organization.
  •  Promoted TV programs to the rural audiences.
  •  Established linkage between TV program team and potential sponsors.
  •  Stimulating session for journalism students and faculties.
  • Developed the course and teaching materials.
  • Conducted workshop for students and teachers on the course.
  • Roll out the course.

Project Period

March 2014-December 2016
This project was funded by  Swisscontact-Katalyst.
Minister for information Hasanul Haque Inu addresses the roundtable.