Internet Safety and Security Literacy for School Children


The use of internet has been in a spreading trend in Bangladesh.  The digital technologies help the users in many ways. However, the internet users, particularly the new users use the internet without knowing the safety and security issues. There have been many incidents of cybercrime which victimized many youths including girls. On the other hand, social media are playing a substantial role in spreading extremist views. Internet-induced vulnerability, especially for young and would-be users now is a big concern, but there is little initiative to address the issue.

In this context, the Internet Safety and Security Literacy for School Children project will work with secondary level school children who are in their mid-teens, studying in class 9 and 10, build their awareness and literacy on safe internet use. Through conducting school sessions and with the aid of communication materials, the messages on internet safety and security will be directly delivered to the project audiences. The project will also work with district education officer, teachers, parents and teachers’ training institute and policymakers. To reach wider audience, the project will also disseminate the messages through social media channels.

The project will train 7,500 students of 75 schools and madrasas of Bogura district.


To reduce the internet-induced vulnerability of school children.


  • Assessing current level of students understanding on cyber security and determining their needs
  • Develop communication materials for school messaging and online platform
  • Meeting with district and sub-district level education officials
  • Recruit and train field trainers
  • Conducting training for school students
  • Advocacy with teachers’ training institutes to include the cyber security issue for the children
  • Dialogue with policy actors

Project Period

September 2019 – September 2020

This project is funded by the US Department of State.

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