Training for Journalists on Upazila Parishad Budget Reporting


Upazilla Parishad (sub-district level body of elected representatives) is an important part of local government system. These entities are getting public funds, however, communities has almost no opportunity to know about these funds and their utilization. Media rarely follow and report on such funds as their is lack of interest and skills. The project worked with journalists at divisional headquarters with capacity building and field reporting support.


To build the capacity of journalists to report on the issues concerning local government budgeting and public expenditures.


  • Carried out study for assessing training needs to identify the gaps of the journalists regarding the issue and thus to identify the contents, methodology and other determinants of the course.
  • Developed a comprehensive training module on Upazilla Parishad Budget Reporting (contents and methodology, developed learning materials, field testing, finalizing).
  • Carried out orientation for trainers’ pool (Training of Trainers).
  • Delivered five training courses to 100 journalists. Each of the trainings was 3-day long.

Project Period

February-June 2010

The project was funded by the USAID’s Bangladesh Office of Democracy, Governance and Education (DG_ED) initiated PROGATI project, manged by DAI.