Strengthening the Capacity of Local Media and Young Citizen Journalists for Preventing Violent Extremism

Project Brief

The project aimed at to increase the flow of quality reports on violent extremism (VE) and related issues in the local media. By building the capacity of local journalists to better cover VE, the project attempted to bring the issue and its multi-faceted drivers to the public domain, and by doing so, the project ultimately reached media audiences, increasing their understanding about violent extremism and its dynamics.

The project engaged young citizen journalists to the local media environment. The project was designed to address the motivational and capacity gaps among the journalists of district level media and young citizen journalists. The project results contributed to strengthen the capacity of local media to produce and disseminate VE related stories helping to increase audiences’ understanding on VE dynamics. The project was implemented in Bogura and Rangpur districts.


Increasing the flow of quality reports on violent extremism and related issues in the local media.

Major Activities

  • Assess needs and develop training modules.
  • Provide training to journalists of local media and young citizen journalists.
  • Award fellowships to the competent trainees on producing in-depth report on countering violent extremism.

  • Establish linkage among citizen journalists and local media.
  • Organizing follow-up trainings.

Project Period

May-December 2018
This project was funded by Democracy International.

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