Media campaign to prevent child drowning in Bangladesh


Drowning is a major cause of children’s death in Bangladesh. Citing some research data, A BBC Bengali report states that drowning causing an average of 40 children deaths each day in Bangladesh which is the highest in South Asia. The awareness among parents and communities on drowning is very limited. On the other hand, there is a lack of information flow on drowning within our media system, especially information pieces that target the policymakers to be more active.  The project intends to sensitize media so that the issue gets a solution, especially by the policy actors.


The objective of the media campaign is to increase the quality information flow within the media system to help policymakers and other stakeholders to make informed decision to launch effective solution to prevent child drowning injuries and deaths in Bangladesh.


Media capacity building and sensitization: The project will organize training for journalists, contributors, and sensitization events for media policymakers, in Dhaka and other districts . The training will focus on to make the journalists and contributors interested in the drowning death issues and covering the issue targeting the policy change.

Networking: The project will form a network which will act as supporting and collaborating force within the media system on the issue of drowning deaths.

Media monitoring and providing information support to journalists: The project will establish a systematic media monitoring based on individual drowning incidents covered by media. The data set and graphical presentation of information will be prepared to support journalists in preparing in-depth stories.

Story tracking: The project will track the news on drowning and related issues including stories and write-ups of the network members. For this, the project will develop and implement a monitoring framework for news tracking.

Fellowship: The project will award fellowships to journalists and support them to produce exclusive stories on drowning.

Project Period

October 2020-July 2023

This project is funded by the Global Health Advocacy Incubator (GHAI).