Media Toolkit on Climate Financing


To minimize climate-induced vulnerabilities and to build resilient communities, many projects are in place with national and international funding. But journalists know little about such projects and their implementation because respective entities make almost no interaction with journalists. Therefore, transparency and accountability of projects are not ensured, on the other hand, projects’ impacts are not reaching to the wider audience. To minimize the gap, a toolkit was developed for media professionals highlighting different issues of climate change, priorities, financing and practice.


To increase journalists  knowledge on climate change and skills on covering initiatives to address climate change issues.


  • Assessed needs and outline the contents for the toolkit (by analyzing previous workshops’ contents on climate financing).
  • Developed the contents.
  • Arranged expert review and finalized the contents.
  • Printed the toolkit.
  • Published the toolkit through a launching ceremony.

Project Period

October 2013-March 2014

This project was funded by Oxfam.