Research on Television Agricultural Programmes


The television programmes on agriculture are widely regarded as the tools of agriculture extension because they can reach to huge number of farmers at a time. The programmes can provide them with knowledge and information relating to many territories of agricultural production, processing and marketing system. In Bangladesh, the state-owned BTV started to broadcast agricultural program namely Mati o Manush in the mid 80’s which later got immense popularity. Out of 24, eight private channels are currently broadcasting agricultural programs. One of these channels (Channel i) and another news-based channel (Ekattor) also broadcast separate agriculture bulletins.

In order to fulfill viewers’ demands, a study was carried out with some TV channels to understand the industry perspective of broadcasting agricultural content, objective of which was to identify and address underlying constraints of agriculture programme making and related challenges within the industry.


To analyze the private television channels broadcasting agricultural programmes to identify and address underlying constraint for facilitating effective television programmes targeting rural poor/farmers.


  • Mapped TV channels that are broadcasting agricultural contents – programmes and news.
  • Developed interview questionnaires for senior management, programme head as well as production unit, marketing team and content supply bodies.
  •  Conducted interviews.
  • Analyzed the needs to identify gaps and probe to understand more regarding positioning strategies (farmer friendly timing, giving program trailers etc.)
  • Prepared reports and presentation.
  • Organized joint workshop and shared key findings with the key TV industry personnel.

Project Period

January-March 2013 (Research phase)

October-November 2013 (Sharing phase)


This research was funded by Swisscontact-Katalyst.