Enhancing Religious Harmony and Awareness: Training and Workshops for Religious and Community Leaders


As part of the Enhancing Religious Harmony and Awareness project (ERHAP) initiated by the Ministry of Religious Affairs, SoMaSHTe has developed a comprehensive training curriculum for religious and community leaders. The curriculum serves as the foundation for the training sessions and workshops that SoMaSHTe facilitates. These sessions are conducted in all 64 districts, with one training and one workshop held in each district.


The overall objective of the intervention is to enhance inter-faith harmony and raise awareness among community and religious leaders. By doing so, the project aims to empower these leaders to play an active role in building and maintaining peace within their communities.


  • Developing Training and Workshop Curriculum: developed a specialized training curriculum based on research and analysis, catering to the needs of stakeholders and interested individuals. In addition, SoMaSHTe created a comprehensive workshop outline to ensure the effective engagement of stakeholders.
  • Facilitating the Training and Workshops: SoMaSHTe, under the leadership of the project authority, is responsible for facilitating the training and workshops in each district. Currently, we have successfully covered 40 districts, reaching a significant number of participants. Each workshop spans a full day and accommodates approximately 100 participants, allowing for interactive and engaging sessions.

Project Period

September 2020-Present

This activity is funded by the Enhancing Religious Harmony and Awareness Project of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Government of Bangladesh.