Conduct Baseline Survey on Tuberculosis and Social Communication

Project Brief

A baseline survey was conducted to measure the awareness level on tuberculosis in the rural areas. The survey was conducted in five districts districts and in Bangladesh which identified people knowledge, attitude and practice towards tuberculosis. 


  • To measure people’s current knowledge, attitude and practice on tuberculosis.
  • To develop a national strategy for social communication for raising awareness to promote  treatment services.

Major Activities

  • Research: sampling, developed study matrix, data collection tools for questionnaire survey, depth interview and focus group discussion.
  • Provided training to data collectors.
  • Collected data.
  • Cleaning and processing data.
  • Analyzed quantitative and qualitative data and prepared report.
  • Developed social communication strategy.

Project Period

February-April 2007
This assignment was funded by  Brac Advocacy & Human Rights Unit.