Society for Media and Suitable Human-communication Techniques
`Poor are those whose voice unheard’

Established in 2005, SoMaSHTe-Society for Media and Suitable Human-communication Techniques works for spearheading media and communications for socio-economic development. Activities of SoMaSHTe are aiming to increase peoples’ participation in the print and electronic media and frontier communication initiatives including ICT to enable people access to knowledge and information. SoMaSHTe is a registered Trustee under the Registration Act of 1908.

Upholding rights and dignity of people in all sections of the society is one of the key aspire of SoMaSHTe. To meet this aspiration SoMaSHTe wish to work with like-minded local and international development partners and build working network with rights focused and development organizations in home and abroad in the field of media and communications, capacity building, research, and advocacy.

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