Promoting Freedom of Expression through Human Rights Camps and Evidence-Based Advocacy


Freedom of expression is one of the fundamental rights. If the people have the right to speak freely on important issues, access information, and hold the powers that be to account, together play a vital role in the healthy development process of any society.

Many external elements limit the freedom of expression, which needs to be addressed. The situation impacts journalism and online activists in many ways.

The project will implement activities with different professional groups. The project will address the capacity-related issues among journalists and online activists.


To increase the capacity of journalists and online communicators on highlighting human rights issues in the media.


  • Build capacity of district-level journalists and online activists on producing quality in-depth reports and contents from a human rights perspective.
  • Produce and share an evidence-based, comprehensive report on the status of freedom of expression in Bangladesh to initiate a campaign to protect freedom of expression.
  • Influence the relevant stakeholders to take the initiative on the legislative and non-legislative issues limiting freedom of expression.

Project Period

September 2019-February 2021

This project was funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Bangladesh under its Human Rights Programme