Resource Book on PVE Journalism

Project Brief

The idea behind this project was that the extent of journalism against violent extremism in Bangladesh has picked up in recent years; however, its level of maturity has not spread evenly throughout the media industry. Although most of the media houses are currently making active efforts to cover event-based news, the quality and depth of their work vary a great deal due to a lack of adequate understanding of the issue.

There was no support book in the market that can assist practicing journalists to report adequately on violent extremism issues. Therefore, a suitable resource book can reduce the knowledge gap of both practicing and potential journalists regarding violent extremism related journalism. The resource book developed under the project provided tools and techniques based on best practices and explain how to identify and report newsworthy issues that make a difference in line with the professional standard.


  • Enhance journalists’ knowledge and skills on producing quality issue-based reports on preventing violent extremism.
  • Increase the quality of news on extremism issues to promote peace and tolerance through media

Major Activities

  • Study secondary documents and outline the content.
  • Consultation and depth interviews on content suggestion.
  • Engage experts/writers to develop specific chapters.
  • Finalize contents and organize validation workshop.
  • Publish the resource book and organize a publication ceremony.
  • Organize a roundtable on the role of media in preventing violent extremism.

Project Period

April 2018-March 2019
This project was funded by  the USAID’s Obirodh – Road to Tolerance program.