Media engagement for the campaign on recognizing women’s contribution in food security in Bangladesh


This project was a part of large-scale campaign of Oxfam, intended to sensitize the policymakers towards the recognition for the contribution smallholder women farmers make to household-level food security and agricultural production in Bangladesh. SoMaSHTe carried out the media campaign and implemented activities including trend analysis of media contents on agriculture or issues closely related to agriculture , organizing orientations for the journalists in seven divisions, awarding fellowship to the selected journalists, and developing a media toolkit for journalists on reporting on women farmers’ issues.


The overall objective of the assignment is to advocate for and raise women farmers’ issues in the public domain through media for drawing public and policy attention.


  • Mapping existing journalists’ forum working on agriculture, women rights or related areas.
  • Analyze trend of media coverage on agriculture and women rights issues.
  • To enable the journalists to identify policy gaps and field problems, orient divisional level journalists on farmers’ rights and agricultural related issues.
  • Award fellowships to the journalists from 7 divisions.
  • Organize national fellowship awarding ceremony.
  • Develop and publish media toolkit on women farmers’ issues.




Project Period

September-December 2016

This project was funded by Oxfam.